Elife Doctor For Nursing Services
Our home care nurses are experienced in providing a complete range of nursing care –
Giving medicines on time
Fixing a diet plan
Caring and dressing wounds
Monitoring of Vital Signs
Intravenous medication and IV fluid management
Ryles Tube Insertion and Feeding

Our nursing specialisation for patient :

Taking medicines on time, monitoring blood pressure and other vitals, and fixing a diet plan

  • Oral and personal hygiene, feeding and bathroom assistance, or assistance with mobility
  • Caring and dressing wounds, handling IV infusions and other medical equipment, emptying catheter bags, colostomy bags and bed pans

When do you need our nursing services?

Patient need a  wound care, dressing, injections, iv at home.

If the patient is bedridden and needs assistance in moving, toileting and other medical care.

The patient is dependent on medical equipment that is best handled by professionals.         

When recovering from an illness or surgery, you look forward to returning to your own home and recuperating in an environment where you are comfortable, relaxed and safe.Care needs of those who are advanced in age and are unable to take care of themselves can be an overwhelming task for the rest of the family members. This often leads to the thought that a nursing home/care home is the only practical option left.

Complex care needs might make one want to consider moving to a nursing home to recover under the watch of trained professionals. Nursing Services at home can help you recover in the comfort of your own home.

  • Our Nurses will help smoothen the transition from Hospital to Home
  • Recovery in familiar surroundings, surrounded by family, is proven to be quicker
  • Our nurses take care of your complex needs while helping you maintain your independence, lifestyle and daily routine.
  • For those advanced in age, home is where all their memories are, where their children and grand-children live. It is the place they feel needed and loved.

With at-home Nursing, you can provide the best care for your loved one in the family home, without making any extra demands of your family members.

Who are Care24’s Nurses/Brothers?

Our nurses (females) or brothers (males) are highly qualified, experienced, and capable of providing hospital like care in the comfort of your own home. All our Nurses go through a rigorous background check, a written exam and trained in all medical procedures that are listed below.

Our Nurses are medically qualified with BSc, GNM, or ANM degrees, and many years of experience with leading hospitals. Since each case is unique and may require specific skills, we also ensure that we identify and deploy which nurse will be best for your need.

Our nurses and brothers are discreet, and sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of the patient and other family members. Our Nurses are familiar with following a physician’s instructions when caring for a patient and empathic to offer encouragement and support to those who require our Nursing Services.

Nursing Services @ Home

Why Choose Elife doctor Nursing Services

Experienced Team

Our team has years of specialized experience to provide professional nursing care services.

Certified Nurses

We have a versatile team of certified nurses that specialize in providing professional at-home nursing care.

Special Abilities Patient Care

Our nurses understand that patients with special abilities need special personal attention.

Thoroughly Evaluated

Our methods and care plans are thoroughly valuated, and follow the best medical practices and guidelines.

Constantly Trained

Our nurses and attendants have regular drills to keep ready for all situations.

100% Verified

We have a completely transparent system that is designed to be with the patient at every stage of the process.

Support from our nursing staff

  1. Medical Aid (dressigs,injectables)
  2. Moral support and recovery
  3. Total care for bed rest patient
  4. Temporary IPD staff
  5. Home care visit
  6. Ambulance transition support

How to request a nursing staff ?

Send Query through our website to us with the detailed description of patients requirement and condition. Name of the doctor under whose instruction treatment is going on. please mention your name, mobile number and address.

In another way, you can call us directly to our customer care number or email us on elifedoctorservices@gmail.com with the all details.

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