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First Aid & Emergencies

At any point of moment any one around you and even you could experience small or big accidental situations. Situations like cuts, burn, fractures or worsen than that. In such situation we could have some steps to reduce threatening condition and keep person out of danger.

That’s Why it is important to learn basic first aid kit and other medical skills which will help others and even your self in such emergency situation that will save others and your life too. We offer First Aid Training to Home Based Visit, School Staff And Organisation. You can Find out Valuable products regarding first aid here.

Emergency Situation (Call ambulance now If you are having):

Chest Pain

Sudden Weakness or Numbness

Difficulty Breathing

A Medical Emergency

steps in emergency situations 

If you found an emergency situation, use these three basic steps:

1. Check for the life threatening complication

Find the things which are dangerous for person’s or your self. like debris, fire, sharp things near body or other chemical near by. if violent people or another machinery whichever is harmful, remove your self from the area.

If the area is safe, look out for the person’s condition. Until and unless you prepared for the basic for first aid, dont move the person.

2. if needed, Call an ambulance 

If you find the person in emergency condition, call 108 or local ambulance number or find ambulance at +91 7874511669. If you’re alone, make the call yourself.

3. Give support

If you can beside the injured person, make them safe and provide covering until any medical help arrives, stay there and help them. if you have any basic first aid  skill, do the steps, to keep person out of danger.

At any point of time, you fill your safety is compromising, remove yourself from the scene.

First Aid Basics

How to Stock Your Home First Aid Kit 

First Aid Essentials for Your Car or Purse

Prevent Common Injuries in the Home

First aid in injuries

To cover minor cuts, scrapes, or burns use Adhasive tape. Use clean gauze pad and roller bandage to cover larger wound and injuries.

How to Use roller Bandage :

  1. 1.Hold injured area or injured body part
  2. 2.cover the wound with roller bandage gentaly. (clean wounded area with anti septic before this if possible)
  3. 3.Use stiky tapes of pins to fasten bandage
  4. 4.Make sure that bandage put so firmly that cover wound but not tight that cut blood flow off.

To check the circulation in a bandaged limb, pinch one of the person’s fingernails or toenails until the color drains from the nail. If color doesn’t return within two seconds of letting go, the bandage is too tight and needs to be adjusted.


How to first aid in burns

If you suspect that someone has a third degree burn, call 108. Seek professional medical care for any burns that:

  • cover a large area of skin
  • are located on the person’s face, groin, buttocks, hands, or feet
  • have been caused by contact with chemicals or electricity

To treat a minor burn, run cool water over the affected area for up to 15 minutes. If that’s not possible, apply a cool compress to the area instead. Avoid applying ice to burned tissue. It can cause more damage.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can help relieve pain. Applying lignocaine or an aloe vera gel or cream can also reduce discomfort from minor burns.

To help prevent infection, apply an antibiotic ointment and loosely cover the burn with clean gauze. contact doctor for an appointment.

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